Dedicate a Prayerbook

You can make a meaningful gift to Judea Reform by dedicating a prayerbook or Chumash (printed and bound copy of the Torah in English and Hebrew) for our regular worship services.

You may choose to designate either of these books, which are so important to our worship and our study:

  • Mishkan T'filah (our weekly Shabbat prayerbook): $54
  • Etz Hayim (our Chumash -- printed Torah and commentary): $75

When you dedicate a prayerbook, we will apply a bookplate to the prayerbook with your preferred dedication.

You can select from the following images by congregational artists for your bookplate:

You may make a prayerbook dedication today by clicking here.

Ellen Newman art

Rhododendron by Ellen Newman

magen david by Helaine Bach

Star of David by Helaine Bach

Shabbat Dinner by Lisa Goldstein

Shabbat Dinner by Lisa Goldstein

Hagbah by Carol Retsch Bogart

Hagbah by Carol Retsch-Bogart

Tree of Life by Melinda Abrams

Tree of Life by Melinda Abrams

Thank you for beautifying our prayerbooks with a lasting and meaningful gift!


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