Giving Appreciated Stock

Why donate appreciated securities to Judea Reform Congregation?

  • You receive a tax deduction for the full current market value of the donated stock.
  • You do not incur capital gains tax.
  • You are doing a mitzvah by giving to Judea Reform Congregation.
  • When you make a cash gift, the gift is a tax deduction on your federal and state tax return assuming you itemize your deductions. An even greater tax savings can be realized if you donate appreciated securities. (The stock must have been held for more than one year and one day.)

By making such a donation, you can deduct the full fair market value of the gift as a contribution, while the appreciation in value is not taxed. For example, assume you now have a stock with a fair market value of $10,000 that you have held for more than one year and one day. When you purchased the stock it cost $2,000.

  Gift of Stock Gift of Cash
Charitable Gift Amount $10,000 $10,000
Ordinary Income Tax Savings $3,500 $3,500
Capital Gains $1,200 saved $1,200 paid
Net Tax Savings $4,700 $3,500

This example assumes a 35% ordinary income tax rate and 15% tax rate on capital gain. Remember, the greater the appreciation in the value of the stock you are donating the greater your tax savings. So, you might be in a position to donate more than you thought you could!

Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific legal and tax situation.

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