Shabbat at JRC

shabbatatjrc In order to accommodate our diverse membership, we offer a variety of Shabbat worship services. At our traditional services, we use Mishkan T'filah as our prayerbook and we are led by our rabbi and by our cantor corps. However, other services may use other texts, other styles, and other music. One thing you can count on, though: Shabbat at Judea Reform is a sacred time and a sacred space where you will be welcome.

Check our calendar to find out when each service is scheduled, and also check to see if there will be a supper before the service. These dinners offer an opportunity to share a delicious dish and a favorite story or two.

  • Traditional Friday Evening services begin at 7:30 pm, usually the first and third Friday of each month
  • Family Services, for families with children in Religious School, begin at 7 pm, usually the second Friday of the month
  • Shabbat Sing-a-Long, for our families with children younger than 5-years old, 5:45 to 6 pm, on a Friday evening, usually the second Friday of each month
  • Kabbalat Shabbat Services, for people wanting an earlier service with more music, begin at 6 pm, usually on the fourth and fifth Friday of the month
  • Shabbat Morning services and Community Luncheon, led by our rabbi or a lay leader, begin at 11 am, usually the second Saturday of the month
  • Shabbat Morning services, led by a new Bar or Bat Mitzvah, begin at 11 am, as scheduled

Shabbat Resources

Celebrating Shabbat in your home can be as simple as saying a blessing over a loaf of bread, or as elaborate as a meal for eight guests served on your fine china. However you celebrate Shabbat, we are here to support you and encourage you in bringing a bit of peace, reflection, and joy to your home weekly.

Here are some resources that may be helpful to you:

Celebrating Shabbat in your Home readings, resources, and recipes for helping your home-based Shabbat observance, whether you are an individual, empty nesters, parents of teenagers, or parents of small children.

Blessings for Shabbat audio and text versions of the standard Shabbat blessings over candles, wine, bread, children, as well as Birkat HaMazon and Havdalah.

Prayers from the Shabbat Evening and Morning Liturgy audio and text versions of the common prayers from our prayerbook, Mishkan T'filah.

Candle Lightingtext and audio for people who will bless our candles lighting at our Shabbat service.

Torah Blessingstext  and audio for people who will offer the Torah blessings at our Shabbat service.

You and everyone in your family is welcome to participate in worship services. Click here to see how everyone can be included.

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