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Donor Stories: Judith Ruderman

What is important to you about Judea Reform Congregation?

Among the most important for me: the pastoral care at lifecycle events from birth to death; the sense of community; the music; the growth that comes from learning; the tie to my Jewish heritage. I would want to find these aspects of congregational life from any synagogue I joined, and thankfully, Judea Reform offers them and more.

Why did you decide to give a legacy gift to Judea Reform?

It is important both to acknowledge the significance Judea Reform has held for me over the years and to help ensure the financial viability of the synagogue going forward, so that others can benefit as I have.

What do you hope your legacy gift will enable Judea Reform to do?

I hope that my legacy gift will be put to whatever use(s) the board and staff think worthwhile, to serve the needs of the congregation and beyond. I have complete confidence in their allocations!

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783