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Donor Stories: Lynne & Dick Kohn

Why did you make a legacy gift to Judea Reform Congregation?

Reform Judaism has provided a community and spiritual home base for us throughout our married lives, especially for Lynne, who became a Jew by Choice in 1972.  We joined Judea Reform Congregation in 1991, empty nesters new to the Triangle, and we were immediately welcomed.  We became active on Judea’s committees; we participated through the era of important decisions like purchasing land and building new buildings.  Like most congregants, we felt the angst of financial stress for the Temple budget during this growth.  We realized that we could make a gift that would really help the Temple in its time of need, and at the same time, we realized that investing in a legacy gift was another important way to give back some of the security and joy we felt at Judea without disrupting our current budget. 

Now we enjoy a beautiful building, services that become more meaningful with every passing week, and many friends who are the heart of our community.  We are grateful for the leadership that brought us here.  As a congregation, Judea Reform has a generosity of spirit, love for humankind, and appreciation for truth and beauty that we are proud to be a part of and to nourish for future generations. 

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783