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About Us: Our Mission Statement

Judea Reform Congregation is a vibrant, welcoming community where Jews in the greater Durham-Chapel Hill area and beyond gather to worship, learn, serve, and actively engage in the sacred traditions of our shared heritage.


We are inspired by Jewish history, the wisdom of our sacred texts, and the tenets of Reform Judaism. We use these in order to nurture our souls and our connection to God, to educate our children as well as ourselves, to cultivate leadership among all congregants, to celebrate our joys, to comfort those among us who are suffering, to serve our community and the world at large, and to promote peace and understanding. We preserve the great traditions of Judaism, respond to the current concerns of our community, and plan for a future of sacred engagement for generations to come.

We are guided by these six pillars of our faith:

Torah (Teaching):

We nurture meaningful connection to God and to the core ethics and values of Judaism, illuminating modern times through the study of Torah and our sacred texts.

Limud (Study):

We encourage continual Jewish learning and intellectual growth for people of all ages, from our young children to our senior members.

Avodah (Worship):

We worship together as a community with spirit, joy, and song, encouraging members to fully participate in the cherished rituals and practices of our faith.

Kehillah (Community):

We join together as a diverse congregation, bound by a common desire to belong to and support our Jewish community in times of joy and sorrow, need and plenty.

Tikkun Olam (World Healing):

We share a commitment to advance the welfare of the members of our congregation and our local community, the People of Israel and of the world.

Kedushah (Sanctity):

We sanctify life's sacred moments, from birth to death, through tradition and ceremonies that unite the hearts of loving companions, celebrate the bond between parents and children, and welcome people into the covenant of our faith, honoring our heritage while reflecting with sensitivity and creativity the insights of our time.

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