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Civic Engagement

Judea Reform Congregation maintains a strong commitment to civic engagement and voting, as a civic and Jewish value of our congregation. We recall the prophet Jeremiah who wrote during the exile to Babylonia that we are to engage deeply in the communities where we find ourselves. 


To research the candidates on your ballot, use this nonpartisan League of Women Voters resource.

If you plan to vote by absentee ballot, complete your ballot and mail it in, or bring it to your County Board of Election as soon as possible. You will also be able to turn in your absentee ballot at any Early Voting site, but you may have to wait on line. If you have not received your absentee ballot by mid October, we recommend Early Voting to ensure your vote will count by November 3.

Do you need to register to vote, get an absentee ballot, find your polling place, learn what is on the ballot, and get early voting information? You Can Vote, can help you with their Voter Guide.


Every Voice, Every Vote. The Reform Movement's 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign
A great opportunity to become involved in making sure votes can be made and count! The Union for Reform Judaism’s Religious Action Center, aims to reach 100 percent voter turnout within Reform Jewish communities and fight voter suppression nationwide. 

Do you want to help register, educate and mobilize voters in North Carolina? You Can Vote is a non-partisan voter registration and education organization in North Carolina with resources and volunteer opportunities.

Teen Activism

The Union for Reform Judaism invites all Jewish high school students to join L’Taken Advocacy efforts. We know that even during a pandemic—and especially during a pandemic—teens can be at the forefront making change. 

How to connect

If you would like to work with our Social Action Committee or share your Civic Engagement work with us, please email us at


Sat, October 24 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781