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Purim at Judea Reform

Purim, also known as the Feast of Lots, is celebrated with a public reading—usually in the synagogue—of the Book of Esther (Megillat Esther), which tells the story of the holiday. Under the rule of King Ahashverosh, Haman, the king's prime minister, plots to exterminate all of the Jews of Persia. His plan is foiled by Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, who ultimately save the Jews of Persia from destruction. The reading of the megillah typically is a rowdy affair, punctuated by booing and noise-making when Haman's name is read aloud.

Around the world, Jews celebrate Purim with special foods, costumes, sweet gifts for friends, charity for the poor, and an dramatic re-interpretation of Esther's story. At Judea Reform, our Purim service takes the form of a parody performance of the story of Esther. We've mocked Haman and rallied for Esther ala Freddie Mercury and Queen, the Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, and Sesame Street, among other themes. And this year.... there's no telling. For more information about Purim, click here.

Tue, December 7 2021 3 Tevet 5782