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Board of Trustees

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

The Judea Reform Congregation Board of Trustees is the leadership body of the congregation. This group articulates a vision for the congregation and sets policy accordingly. Trustees often sit as chairs of committees.

Officers (Executive Committee)

  • President: Heidi Tyson
  • Vice President: Aron Silverstone
  • Vice President: Carrie Norry
  • Treasurer: Shawn dos Santos
  • Financial Secretary: Karen O'Mansky
  • Recording Secretary: Bruce Elvin
  • Immediate Past President: Ziva Raney

General Trustees

  • Marian Abernathy, Social Action Committee Co- Chair
  • Henry Barron, DRTY  Co-President
  • Kersten Jacobsen Biehn, General Trustee
  • Mark Hainline, Building & Grounds Committee Chair
  • Kris Herfkens, Inclusion Committee Chair
  • Lisa Josephs, Membership Committee Chair 
  • Emily Katz, Adult Education Committee Co-Chair (Chip Carnathan, Co-Chair)
  • Sonia Laurie, Social Action Committee Co-Chair
  • Nancy Luberoff, General Trustee
  • Eric Muller, General Trustee
  • Amy Newman, Religious Practices Committee Chair
  • Alex Peroff, General Trustee
  • Samantha Rice, DRTY  Co-President
  • Carol Rosenfeld, General Trustee
  • David Russo, General Trustee
  • Rob Schneider, General Trustee
  • Barry Silver, General Trustee
  • Glenn Simon, Cemetery Representative
  • Mandy Summerson, Caring Community Committee Chair

Our Constitution serves as our framework for governance. To read our Constitution, please click here.

Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782