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Rosenzweig Gallery




 Contemporary Landscapes of Jewish Life:

From Judea Reform Members' Private Collections

Exhibition Dates: January 20th-March 30th

 Judea Reform’s Arts & Acquisition Committee is planning for our Winter exhibit (mid-Jan through March). Curated by congregant Gabrielle Rousso, “Contemporary Landscapes of Jewish Life” will be an exhibition of contemporary art from congregants’ private collections (art you have in your home) that depict a wide range of experiences or “landscapes” of Jewish life, places, or scenarios. All genres of art will be considered; realistic, abstract, meditative. We are collecting 2D artwork in all media for our Gallery walls, and 3D artwork for the gallery glass cases. All art must be contemporary from the late 2oth Century/21st Century

We are asking congregants to loan your artwork to Judea Reform for approximately 8 weeks from mid-January through March, 2023.

Artwork criterion:

  • Size of artwork not to exceed 38”x 38”.
  • Paintings in multiple mediums, as well as fiber and photography, that are hanging ready will be considered.
  • 3D items will be considered for the locked glass display case.

Submission process:

  • IMAGE SUBMISSION BY Dec. 14: Submit 3 images via email (jpg. images no less than 300dpi) for acceptance.
  • DESCRIPTION SUBMISSION BY DEC. 28. Provide a short paragraph about the artwork you are submitting (artist name, media, size, title, meaning to you, how it came to be in your home).  
  • DROP OFF: Accepted artwork can be dropped off at Judea Reform on: January 15th & 18th 2023


Gabrielle Rousso at or 847-980-6740


Our Current Exhibit

 A Rosenzweig Gallery Retrospective:

Exhibit Posters Through the Years

October through December, 2022

Curated by JRC’s Arts & Acquisitions Committee

The Rosenzweig Gallery, established in 1990 and named in honor of Judea's founding Rabbi, Efraim Michael Rosenzweig, z"l. It has a rich and storied history as the only dedicated exhibitor of the Judaic arts in the Durham and Chapel Hill area. On display now are “Exhibit Posters Through the Years,” posters from the various installations that have been featured since the gallery moved to our new building in 2003.

In the early 1990s, the Rosenzweig Museum of the Jewish Family was created under the direction of Lenora Ukco in the original Cornwallis Road building. When our new synagogue was built in 2003, the name of the Gallery was simplified to The Rosenzweig Gallery, and the management of the Gallery shifted from Judea Reform to the Jewish Heritage Foundation of N.C. Management responsibilities were later returned to Judea Reform Congregation, allowing us to redefine and construct a new mission for the Gallery and to provide greater gallery involvement for our congregants.

Over the years, The Rosenzweig Gallery has hosted juried art exhibits, local Jewish artists, art by congregants, and visiting academic artists. The posters you see displayed in this exhibit represent and catalog the rich history of exhibits that have graced the walls of the Monsein Community Court. Today the Arts and Acquisitions Committee is chaired by Jodi Preminger; the Rosensweig Gallery operations and archives is managed by Barbara Silver.

Maintaining a gallery and archive is no small feat.  The paperwork, loan agreements, search for artists, care of artifacts, and appraisal of Judaica requires a committed team. Judea Reform is grateful to the committee members who for the last thirty years have helped us to remember our past and embrace our creative futures.

Judaica Collections from our Congregants 2022/5782


About the Rosenzweig Gallery

The Rosenzweig Gallery of Judea Reform Congregation is the only gallery in the Chapel Hill-Durham area with dedicated space for the display of Judaic art and artifacts. Judea Reform Congregation’s founding Rabbi, Efraim Michael Rosenzweig was not only the congregation’s first spiritual leader, he was also a poet, an artist, a social activist and an art collector. His personal collection of Judaic artifacts was donated to Judea Reform, and became the core of the Rosenzweig Collection. (READ THE WHOLE ROSENZWEIG GALLERY STORY . . . )

The Rosenzweig Gallery rotates every four months and includes a gallery wall for 2-D work as well as a glass display case for 3-D work and other items and artifacts.



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Past Exhibits

Wed, February 1 2023 10 Sh'vat 5783