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Our third through sixth graders begin their Sunday morning at 9:30 in the sanctuary with a T’filah, prayer service. At 10:00 am, they go to the religious school, our Merkaz Limud, for instruction. The 3rd-6th grade classes use the Chai curriculum which focuses on three strands of Jewish learning: Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Chasadim. Students have a break at 11:15 for challah and recess. At 11:30, students go to Hebrew class. New students to our program are given a diagnostic test to determine their level of Hebrew. The day ends at 12:30 with car line and pick-up in front of the religious school. The cost for this program is $787.

Curriculum Overview for Early Elementary Religious School

3rd Grade:
My Jewish actions can help bring kedusha--holiness into the world.
Our 3rd Graders continue learning the ways that Jewish laws and customs that have been passed down can help them live a life filled with holy moments. They learn the ways that their actions can impact the world.  We begin formal Hebrew instruction in 3rd grade with the Derech Binah Primer.
4th Grade:
As a part of the Jewish people, I have the responsibility to strive towards holiness.
Our 4th Grade students examine the covenant of the Jewish people (our brit) to understand how g'milut chasadim--acts of kindness can improve our lives and the lives of those whom we encounter each day. They explore the ways that we can work together and have an even greater effect on the world. Our 4th graders continue to develop a comfort and proficiency with familiar Hebrew texts.
5th Grade:
I have a responsibility to myself and the Jewish community to live an upright/just life.
Our 5th Graders continue to develop their ability to fluidly read Hebrew texts out loud. They examine the role that community plays in their life and the lives of others; they explore the how prayer can strengthen their ties to the Jewish people and create a healthy spiritual life.
6th Grade:
We can experience The Sacred and create holiness by engaging with our past and our present.
Our 6th Graders consider the ways that they can reflect the sacred teachings of our tradition in their daily actions whether they are focused on ourselves or others. They explore ways that engaging in g'milut chasadim--acts of kindness and Avodah--prayer/worship can help them have a positive impact on themselves and their community. Our 6th graders continue to practice their proficiency in reading Hebrew aloud.

Do you have questions about our Religious School Program? Please email Michelle Crosbie, our Youth Education and Family Engagement Director at or call the office at (919) 489-7062, ext 248.

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