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Tzedakah Box Donations at JRC

As Reform Jews, we are called to engage in the work  of tikkun olam, improving the world in which we live. One way to participate is through Tzedakah.

All donations made via the Tzedakah Box are designated for a variety of local, national, and global causes that reflect our Jewish values.


March and April Tzedakah Box


Alleviating Hunger for Refugees and Immigrants

In March and April, our online Tzedekah Box will support our longstanding social action efforts to advocate for Immigrant Justice & Refugee Resettlement. The March and April donations will go directly to organizations that are alleviating hunger and food insecurity impacting local immigrants and refugees who are not eligible for government aid or programs. Contributions will be donated equally among Iglesia Emanuel’s Food Pantry; Church World Service—Durham Immigrant Solidarity Fund; and La Semilla.



Tzedakah cannot be translated because it joins together two concepts that in other languages are opposites, namely charity and justice. It is the idea that no one should be without the basic requirements of existence, and that those who have more than they need must share some of that surplus with those who have less. This is fundamental to the kind of society the Israelites were charged with creating, namely one in which everyone has a basic right to a dignified life and equal worth as citizens in the community. - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, from his essay "Tzedakah: The Untranslatable Virtue."

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