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Family and Youth Engagement

Passover in the Age of COVID-19

Get Yourself Ready for the Seder! (some options can be done during the seder too!)
  • Check out what happens in a Seder
  • Make Matzah in 18 Minutes
  • Make Charoset from all over the world and have a taste test during the seder
  • Practice the Four Questions no matter if you're the oldest- Hebrew and American Sign Language!
  • Hear and Watch Rena read a story about the Four Questions
  • Make a new seder plate with color in objects
  • Learn about other Passover traditions
  • Prep to try different things this year 
  • Participate in the PJ Library Passover LEGO Challenge
  • Read Passover e-books for free username passover password passover
  • Do these dot-to-dot/letter to letter coloring sheets
  • Print out this FROG - color it in, cut it out, then glue it to a brown paper bag to be a puppet Find a large envelope. Write "Afikomen" on it, Decorate. Use it to hold your family's afikomen! (pick a good hiding place!)
  • Check out these games!
  • Search this Where's Waldo Afikomen Search
  • Collect random items from your house and place them in a bag. During the seder, have each person pull an item out of the bag and find a way to connect it to the story of Pesach, God or the Jewish people.  

Judea Reform Congregation offers a wide array of engaging education and programming for youth and their families. From birth through young adulthood, our children have a host of opportunities to learn, make friends, and build a community of Jewish connections to last a lifetime.

For families who may need financial assistance to support their children's participation in youth activities, please see our scholarship opportunities.

For more information about any of our education and programming for youth and their families, click here to email Rena Fraade, our Director of Congregational Learning or call the office at (919) 489-7062, ext 248.


Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782