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JRC Cemetery

"The Mission of the Judea Reform Cemetery Corporation is to operate and maintain a Jewish cemetery as a final resting place of sanctity, peace, and beauty; to provide services for the Judea Reform Congregation members and others in conjunction with burials; and to do all things that the Corporation is permitted to do by law, not inconsistent with maintaining its tax exempt status."

JRC Cemetery – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are short answers to frequently asked questions about the Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery. 

Where is the Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery Located?

The Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery is located three miles west of Carrboro at 2560 Jones Ferry Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, near the intersection with Damascus Church Road.

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Who Can Be Buried at the JRC Cemetery?

Burial rights may be purchased by Judea Reform Congregation members or non-members, provided that either the purchaser or the person whose remains are to be buried is Jewish. Regardless of the purchaser’s religious affiliation, a site may be used for the burial of any one of the seven relatives of the purchaser for whom a Jewish person is required to mourn (spouse, daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, father).

Does the Cemetery do Green Burials?

Yes!  All burials in the Cemetery occur without a concrete vault, chemical embalming, and with biodegradable containers.  There are burial sites in both lawn and wooded areas.   

What About Cremation Remains?

Cremation remains are allowed and may be buried in either traditional casket plots or in smaller cremation plots. Cremation remains may also be co-interred in the same plot with traditional casket remains or with a second set of cremation remains.

What Are the Prices?

As shown below, prices are less for JRC members than for non-members, and are less for smaller cremation plots than larger traditional casket plots. Separate marker deposits are collected at the time of purchase and applied toward the eventual production and installation of grave stones. 

  JRC Members Non-Members
  Single Casket Plot Cremation Plot Single Casket Plot Cremation Plot
Single Interment $1,800 $1,200 $6,350 $4,200
Upgrade to
$900 $600 $3,200 $2,100
Marker Deposit** $600 $600 $600 $600

*    Co-Interment refers to the placement of two sets of remains in one plot.  A full-sized casket plot can accommodate two containers of cremated remains, or one casket and one container of cremated remains.  A cremation plot can accommodate two containers of cremated remains.

**  One-time marker deposit per plot, collected at the time of purchase, applied toward the production and installation of a stone marker one year after interment. No fees, except marker deposits are charged for children one year or younger in age.

“JRC Member” means any person who is a Judea Reform Congregation member in good standing at the time of purchase and who has been a member for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the time of purchase.

What Do the Prices Cover?

Purchases are for the right of interment (burial rights) in the Judea Reform Cemetery and do not represent ownership rights to real property. The Cemetery assesses no subsequent fees or charges after the initial payment for burial rights and marker deposits. A portion of the purchase price is dedicated to the Cemetery’s perpetual care endowment, which supports ongoing maintenance and improvement of the Cemetery. Perpetual care includes sodding or seeding grave sites, leveling and reseeding as necessary, cutting the grass, and maintaining the overall Cemetery grounds, as well as new work needed for future expansion or improvements. Perpetual care does not include cleaning the grave markers.

How do I purchase a plot?

Burial rights are purchased through a three-page written agreement. Please contact Nancy Luberoff for further information at or phone Julie Fishkin, JRC Life Cycle & Pastoral Care Coordinator at 919-489-7062, ext 227.

What About Other Funeral-Related Costs?

Funeral and burial services at the time of need are arranged directly by the family of the deceased in consultation with Synagogue staff, clergy, and a local funeral home. Judea Reform works most frequently with Hudson Funeral Home of Durham (919-596-8269). Cemetery clients are not required to engage funeral home services for the burial of cremation remains; but may, as an alternative, obtain only grave digger services directly through arrangements with the Cemetery.

Can I Choose the Location of My Burial Plot(s)?

Specific plot locations are typically made at the time of death of the person whose remains are to be buried, regardless of when those rights were purchased. If burial rights were purchased for two or more persons, all associated grave sites will be situated adjacent to each other, but their specific locations will not be assigned until the first death occurs.

What Type of Grave Markers Are Allowed?

Only stone markers that are flush with the ground are allowed. Judea Reform works most frequently with Durham Marble Works (919-489-2134).

How Much Time Before A New Grave Is Healed?

We recognize that a new grave’s appearance in the first days, weeks, or even months after burial may be distressing to visitors.  The natural settling of a fresh grave is often more noticeable in Jewish cemeteries, where burial traditions typically include wooden caskets not enclosed by a solid vault.  Visitors should be assured that we monitor these conditions very closely and add or re-distribute soil and re-seed as necessary until the grave eventually stabilizes and the ground is ready for the installation of a marker stone.  Please see Gravesite Guidance to Mourners for more information about this.    

How Much Cemetery Capacity Is There? Will There Be Room in the Future?

Less than 30 percent of the Cemetery’s 10.3 acres is currently developed. Our single location contains enough land to meet Judea Reform’s expected needs for at least the next 85 years.

What If I Move Away or Decide I No Longer Want to Use My Burial Rights?

Unused burial rights and marker deposits are fully refundable for their original purchase price.

Can I Transfer Burial Rights Purchased Somewhere Else to the Judea Reform Cemetery?

No. The JRC Cemetery has no arrangements with other cemeteries or burial organizations.

How can I find out if and where my loved one is buried at the Cemetery?

Most graves in the Cemetery are documented on the JRC Cemetery page on Find-A-Grave.  The Cemetery leadership is working diligently to keep this database updated and to correct errors.  Please note that Find-A-Grave is a volunteer project and there are individuals who are not affiliated with JRC who have uploaded information about our Cemetery.  If you have specific questions about the Cemetery email  If you have questions about Find-A-Grave, email 

When Can I Visit the Cemetery?

The Cemetery is not gated and is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Are There Provisions for Funeral Attendees with Mobility Challenges?

Yes. There are several arrangements that can be made depending on the mobility challenges, the weather, and the location of the grave.  Please contact us or the funeral home to discuss these arrangements.

Where Are the Nearest Bathroom Facilities?

The nearest bathroom facilities are three miles away at the Burger King on Jones Ferry Road in Carrboro.

Further Questions?

Please see the JRC Cemetery Code or contact Nancy Luberoff for further information at 


For the Bylaws describing the Cemetery's governance, please click here.

For the Cemetery's complete Mission and Goals Statement, please click here.

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