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JRC Cemetery

"The Mission of the Judea Reform Cemetery Corporation is to operate and maintain a Jewish cemetery as a final resting place of sanctity, peace, and beauty; to provide services for the Judea Reform Congregation members and others in conjunction with burials; and to do all things that the Corporation is permitted to do by law, not inconsistent with maintaining its tax exempt status."


For our community members who are in mourning, our Judea Reform Community is devoted to being present for each other.  Given the COVID -19 pandemic and the obligation for physical distancing, we are employing new tools we have in order to sustain a meaningful and loving flow of comfort and compassion from the community to you and your family. These are adaptations of Jewish law for this urgent hour. They will be modified as the situation changes. To find out more about how Judea Reform is meeting the needs of pastoral care, burials, funerals, and shiva minyans during this pandemic, please contact us directly (see list of contacts on sidebar).

For the Cemetery's complete Mission and Goals Statement, please click here.

For the Judea Reform Guide to Death and Mourning, please click here for "Kavod V'nichum – Honor and Comfort."

The Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery is located a few miles southwest of Carrboro, at 2560 Jones Ferry Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, near the intersection with Damascus Church Road.

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Purchase Prices are summarized below.  For additional details, including information about who may purchase burial rights or be buried at Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery and information about interment options for cremation remains, please see the Cemetery Code click here.

  JRC Members Non-Members
  Single Casket Plot Cremation Plot Single Casket Plot Cremation Plot
Single Interment $1,650 $1,100 $5,775 $3,850
Upgrade to
$825 $550 $2,900 $1,925
Marker Deposit* $600 $600 $600 $600

*  One-time marker deposit per plot, collected at the time of purchase, applied toward the production and installation of a stone marker one year after interment. No fees, except marker deposits are charged for children one year or younger in age.

“JRC Member” means any person who is a Judea Reform Congregation member in good standing at the time of purchase and who has been a member for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the time of purchase.

For the Cemetery bylawsclick here.

For information about our cemetery, please contact the President of our Cemetery Board, Ed Holland at (919) 489-9809 or email the committee at

Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780