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Joining JRC for the First Time

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Your membership with Judea Reform Congregation matters!

Our beloved community thrives most when we welcome new members to be part of our programming, part of our school, and part of our worship. We look forward to welcoming you!

New Membership Form 2023/24


Please tell us about all of your children, even those who are now adults.


How Much to Contribute?

In pledging membership support, you ensure that Judea Reform’s foundational needs are met. You are a partner in preserving the great traditions of Judaism, responding to the current concerns of our community, and planning for a future of sacred engagement for generations to come. 

We rely on every member to contribute as much as you are able. Our suggested standard levels for 2023/2024 are listed below.  For those who are able to contribute an amount greater than the standard contribution level, your additional support allows Judea Reform to be fully inclusive of all members to foster an egalitarian community.

We also recognize that standard membership support should never be a burden on any member’s ability to participate in our community. Members who would like to request an adjustment should contact our Executive Director, Emily Young, at, or our Business Manager, Liz Gibbons at, to discuss an appropriate membership commitment.

Payment Schedule

You may pay according to a schedule that is convenient for you. All membership pledges must be paid in full by the end of our fiscal year: June 30, 2024.

The standard membership support levels for 2023-2024 are as follows:

Individual (One-Adult) Household Two-Adult Household
Under Age 31, first year: $55 Both Under Age 31, first year: $55
Under Age 31, after first year: $265 Older Adult is Under Age 31, after first year: $475
Age 31: $690 Older Adult is Age 31: $1,310
Age 32: $975 Older Adult is Age 32: $1,670
Age 33: $1,175 Older Adult is Age 33: $1,965
Age 34: $1,395 Older Adult is Age 34: $2,250
Age 35: $1,620 Older Adult is Age 35: $2,545
Age 36 to 77: $1,785 Older Adult is Age 36 to 77: $2,925
Age 78 or older: $1,735 Older Adult is Age 78 or older: $2,875



We recognize that membership support should never be a burden on any member's budget nor a source of stress, and we encourage members who cannot afford the standard contribution level to enter an amount that represents the financial commitment that you are able to make. Alternatively, you may contact our Executive Director, Emily Young, at or our Business Manager, Liz Gibbons, at


Judea Reform Congregation has a robust tradition of philanthropy with a growing number of members joining our Circles of Honor annually. These members pledge above the suggested membership support levels and, in doing so, ensure that everyone can take part in our sacred community regardless of financial circumstance.

Please consider joining one of our Circles with an additional pledge.

Circle of Judea: +$360 above suggested membership support
Circle of Tzedakah: +$1,000 above suggested membership support
Circle of Mitzvah: +$2,400 above suggested membership support
Circle of Shalom: +$5,400 above suggested membership support
Circle of Chesed: +$7,200 above suggested membership support


In May 2021, the congregation approved a $360 Sacred Spaces Fee for all members after their first year. This fee will ensure our ability to maintain and enhance our buildings and grounds.


The Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA), a partner organization of the Union for Reform Judaism, supports the Reform movement in Israel, through advocacy, organizing, education, and travel experiences. If you want to support ARZA, Judea Reform makes it easy to join them when you join us. Membership in ARZA is optional. Membership in ARZA costs $50.


Judea Reform strives to be an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community to all. We are committed to supporting individuals with disabilities and their families, older adults, interfaith families, people of color, LGBTQ families and individuals, and others who belong to traditionally underrepresented communities. Our goal is to make it easier for congregants to more fully participate in the religious, social, and educational life of our synagogue.


In April 2023, JRC Board of Trustees approved a congregation-wide Ethics Code. Our Ethics Code sets forth the principles for adherence to standards of conduct for our community, including all congregants, clergy, lay leaders, and professional staff.  Our synagogue will be strengthened as a safe space in which to engage with one another in sacred partnership when all abide by a shared Ethics Code. Conduct in accordance with the Ethics Code is an explicit responsibility of each person in the JRC Community.  Please read the full Ethics Code here. (The Ethics Code will open in a new page.)


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