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Joining JRC for the First Time

If you are already a member, click here to learn about renewing your membership.

Judea Reform Congregation welcomes you into our growing and inclusive community. From diverse worship services to outstanding religious education, from meaningful social justice work to the chance to schmooze with friends, new and old, there is something for everyone at Judea Reform.

The following information will help you calculate your support and fees so that you can complete a membership application.

Standard Membership Support

In pledging at the standard membership level, you ensure that Judea Reform's foundational needs are met. You are a partner in preserving the great traditions of Judaism, responding to the current concerns of our community, and planning for a future of sacred engagement for generations to come.

The standard membership support levels for 2017-2018 are as follows:

Two-Adult Household Individual (One-Adult) Household
Older Adult is Age 30 or Younger: Free in first year Age 30 or Younger: Free in first year
Older Adult is Age 31: $1,050 ($87.50/mo) Age 31: $495 ($41.25/mo)
Older Adult is Age 32: $1,375 ($114.58/mo) Age 32: $750 ($62.50/mo)
Older Adult is Age 33: $1,635 ($136.25/mo) Age 33: $930 ($77.50/mo)
Older Adult is Age 34: $1,895 ($157.92/mo) Age 34: $1,125 ($93.75/mo)
Older Adult is Age 35: $2,155 ($179.59/mo) Age 35: $1,325 ($110.42/mo)
Older Adult is Age 36 & Older: $2,495 ($207.92/mo) Age 36 & Older: $1,475 ($122.92/mo)

Other Annual Fees

Additional annual fees that will be added to your membership account include:

  • Security Fee -- $36 (This fee is waived for households in which all adult members are 30 years old and younger.)
  • Facilities Mortgage Fee (This fee is waived for households in which all adult members are younger than 30 years old.)
    • Two-adult household -- $120
    • Individual (one-adult) Household  -- $75
    • Members 65 and older -- $35
  • Oneg Fee -- $45 (This fee is waived for members who are 78 years old or older.)
  • Capital Maintenance Fee -- $300 (Applies in the second through seventh year of membership. Members also have the option to pay the Captial Maintenance Fee as a one-time lump sum of $1,800.)
  • Religious School Tuition (If applicable)
    • Pre-K through 2nd Grade -- $550 per student
    • Grades 3 through 6 -- $700 per student
    • Grade 7 Darchei Mitzvah Program -- $590 per student, which includes $40 for the class gift

Alternative Pledge

Judea Reform will never turn away a Jew based on financial circumstances. While the congregation relies on every member to contribute as much as he or she is able, membership should never be a financial burden to anyone. We appreciate your support and involvement as an important member of our diverse and robust congregation.

If you need to contribute an alternative membership support amount, rather than the standard amount, please contact our Executive Director or our Financial Secretary to talk about a membership commitment that works for you.

Membership Pledge Payment

Payment Schedule: You may pay according to a schedule that is convenient for you. All membership support must be paid in full by the end of our fiscal year, June 30, 2017. We mail statements in August, October, December, February, April, May, and June.

Automated Payments: You may choose to automate your payments with your online banking provider. If you set up an automatic payment with your bank online, your bank will issue Judea Reform Congregation a check according to the timeline you choose. If you would like to do this, please add up the amount you've pledged with the annual fees, divide by the number of months you wish to make the payments (ending by June 30, 2017), and set up your automatic payment to Judea Reform Congregation online with your bank.

Circles of Honor

Join a visionary group of synagogue members whose generosity helps make our congregation strong.

The Circles of Honor provide much-needed annual support for the congregation and allow Judea Reform to open its doors to all Jews seeking a spiritual, intellectual, and social justice home, so we never have to turn anyone away.

Please consider joining one of our Circles of Honor in the 2016-2017 fiscal year if you're able to support us at this level. Circle of Honor gifts already include any additional required fees (excluding Religious School tuition, if applicable), as enumerated above.


Circle of Chesed


Circle of Shalom
$7,200 to $9,999

Circle of Mitzvah
$5,000 to $7,199

Circle of Tzedakah
$3,600 to $4,999


Circle of Judea
$3,000 to $3,599



Explanation of Fees

Fairly figuring and contributing membership support builds a healthy congregation and a strong community in which anyone can participate. Our recommended Membership Support represents only a portion of what we require to cover operations. For this reason, membership support does not include fees for Religious School, life cycle events, facilities mortgage fee, or special programs. In addition, the synagogue expects all members to contribute to the Capital Maintenance Fund, as described below.

These fees are outlined below.

Capital Maintenance Fund: Judea Reform Congregation requests that two-adult households and individual households make a minimum contribution of $1,800 toward capital maintenance. This is a non-negotiable fee, payable in $300 installments in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh fiscal years of membership. This fee may be paid in one lump-sum installment, at the member's request. This fee will not apply to members younger than 30 years old until the age of 30 is attained.

Facilities Mortgage Fee: This fee, in the amount of $120 per year for two-adult households ages 30 to 65, $75 for individual (one-adult) households ages 30 to 65, and $35 for people 65 and older continues until June 30, 2020, and will allow our building debt to be paid in full over that time.

Security Fee: The annual security fee of $36 provides for a police officer for every Shabbat service and on the High Holidays.

Oneg Shabbat: Member households younger than 78 years old must pay a $45 fee that will pay for Onegs, which are catered throughout the year.


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