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Rosenzweig Gallery Story

In the early 1990s, the Rosenzweig Museum of the Jewish Family was created under the direction of Lenora Ukco in the old building down the hill. When this new synagogue was built, the name of the Gallery was simplified to The Rosenzweig Gallery, and the management of the Gallery shifted from Judea Reform to the Jewish Heritage Foundation of N.C. Management; responsibilities were later returned to Judea Reform Congregation, allowing us to redefine and construct a new mission for the Gallery and to provide greater gallery involvement for our congregants.

The Rosenzweig Gallery rotates every four months and includes a gallery wall for 2-D work as well as a glass display case for 3-D work and other items and artifacts.

Past Exhibits

  • Sharing the Journey: The Haggadah for the Contemporary Family, featuring giclee prints by Mark Podwal (January-April 2018)
  • Chanukiyah (Chanukah menorah) display from the collection of Judea Reform staff member Lois Price (December 2018)
  • Blessings from Our Community, featuring the art of Amram Ebgi, paintings and prints from Judea Reform's permanent collection, and a display of prayer and song books from the collection of Judea Reform congregants (August-December 2018)
  • Sacred Journeys, featuring artist Galia Goodman (May-August 2017)
  • Etz Chayim: The Tree of Life, featuring the art of Judea Reform youth congregants (January-April 2017)
  • Chanukiyah (Chanukah menorah) display from the collection of Judea Reform member Tom Wolf, Susan Dennsion, and the late Valerie Wolf (December 2017)
  • In Celebration of the Days of Awe, featuring the art of Judea Reform congregants, inspired by the Days of Awe (September-December 2016)
  • Colors of Confinement (June-September 2016)
  • The Eastern Spirit: Two Artists Meet Asia Half Way (featuring the work of painter Chieko Murasugi and photographer Barbara Tyroler)

Visit the Rosenzweig Gallery

The Gallery is open to the public any time our office is open:

  • Tuesday-Thursday 9:00am-4:30pm
  • Friday 8:30am-3:30pm
  • By appointment (contact Juliet Jensen at or 919-489-7062, ext. 222)


Questions about the current exhibit or inquiries to purchase pieces can be directed to Barbara Silver at or Executive Director, Emily Young at

Arts & Acquisitions Committee

The Arts & Acquisitions Committee of Judea Reform Congregation manages and curates the exhibits of the Rosenzweig Gallery. If you are a Judea Reform member interested in joining the committee, you can contact Barbara Silver at


You can support the work of the Arts & Acquisitions Committee by making a donation to the Arts & Acquisitions Fund at Judea Reform. Click here to read more and make a tax-deductible gift to support this important work. Thank you!


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