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Past Religious School Notes

Director's Notes from September 11

What a thrill it was to gather in the sanctuary last Sunday, September 11th and to see all of those precious and earnest faces ready to begin a new year! I cannot describe the excitement I felt all day as I interacted with students, spoke to parents, and debriefed with the teachers and madrichim. I want to thank everyone in the community for coming and supporting the sacred endeavor of Jewish education. It takes a village, and, Baruch Hashem, we have an incredible village.

September 18th

This week, the Pre-K through second grade will go straight to Lerner for a 9:35 start. Parents should park and walk their students into their classrooms. Upon pick-up at 12:00, please come into the building and sign out your children. Make contact with the teachers and let them know that you are taking your child home. Your child’s safety is our priority. Parents are always welcome to join in T’filah at Lerner from 11:30-12:00. This week, teachers will focus on Rosh Hashanah. Students will learn about the holiday and have the opportunity to begin a sweet new year by dipping apples into honey and reciting the blessings.

The third--sixth grade classes will begin in the sanctuary at 9:30. Just after our T’filah, we will have a special speaker at 10:00: Alejandro Moreiras. Alejandro is a teacher at Carolina Friends School. He is writing his dissertation on the Eastern Sephardic/Ottoman Jewish Diaspora in New York City. His focus will be on highlighting the diversity of the Jewish people. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend. We will have coffee and pastry in the social hall after the event.

In addition to our speaker on the 18th, the synagogue will also be hosting an open ark day. The gift shop will be open as well.

At pick-up time, feel free to park and use the crosswalk to pick up your child or to become part of the carline. Cars will pull up to the first cone just beyond the entrance to the religious school. A staff member will ask you for the name of your child. We will check the child off the attendance list and bring him/her directly to your car. Once your child is in your car, please pull out slowly from the front of the line. As always, safety is our primary concern. Thank you for helping us with this process.

Parents, please remember that there is no religious school on Sunday, September 25th.

Any parent who is interested in volunteering please contact Michelle Crosbie at We wish all of your families the sweetest of new years ahead, and we thank you again for being our partners in education.




Shana Tovah v’Metukah to All of our Wonderful Families!

I want to begin by reminding everyone that there is no Sunday school this Sunday, September 25th, but we hope to see you at Family Services on Sunday, September 25th at 4:00 pm for children ages 0-5, and on Monday, September 26th at 11:00 am for children ages 5-12. Also on September 26th at 12:45, Rabbi Damsky will lead an in-person Tashlich ceremony. We are looking forward to celebrating the new year together.

Last week

We had a wonderful speaker come to religious school on Sunday, September 18th. Alejandro Moreiras, a teacher at Carolina Friends, explored the concept of the worldwide Jewish family with our students. He focused, in particular, on Jews in Yemen and Ethiopia.

Upcoming Events

When we come back to school on October 2nd, we will continue our study of the Days of Awe, and we will learn about Yom Kippur and the concept of T’shuvah.

On October 9th, we will welcome Deb Levin who will share her unique story and her lifetime connection to the JRC community with our students. Parents and congregants are invited to join us in the sanctuary at 10:00am.

On October 16th, students will visit the Sukkah during religious school. At noon we will begin our “Pizza in the Hut” event for all of our religious school families. We will ask families to RSVP ahead of time so that we can be sure to have the right amount of pizza for all. More information and details to follow.


School Notes

There is a parent lounge inside the Mirkaz Limud (religious school for 3rd-6th grades) which is open for anyone who would prefer to wait inside rather than outside for their children. The lounge has snacks and books for your enjoyment.

We are going to try a new method at dismissal time for the Mirkaz Limud with the hope that dismissal will go more smoothly. We will create zones by grade for the students to wait for their parents. 

 If you are a parent of a Pre-K-2nd grader picking your child up from Lerner, please park your car and come into the building. Before leaving for the day,  please let the teacher or Madrich know that you are  leaving with your child. 

I am very pleased to announce that our Gesher program for two and three year olds will begin on Sunday, October 9th.

Finally,  I wanted to leave you with a blessing that I read during our T’filah service this past Sunday. It comes from Rabbi Marcia Falk. It spoke to me, and I hope it speaks to you and your families as well:

“Be who you are– and may you be blessed in all that you are.”

Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

Michelle Crosbie

Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784