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Darchei Mitzvah 



Welcome to the seventh grade Darchei Mitzvah program at Judea Reform Congregation. Darchei Mitzvah introduces B’nai Mitzvah students to the gifts and obligations of being a Jewish adult. This innovative program for our current B’nai Mitzvah students meets on Saturday mornings at the synagogue, and it is intended to actively engage our young adults in many aspects of Jewish learning including Torah, ethics, theology, history, social justice, and our Jewish identities.

Our Darchei Mitzvah program has three parts that weave throughout the school year:

  • classroom learning, during which we will explore several themes through seminar discussions and expressive projects;
  • worship experiences, during which we will worship in several different ways, including celebrating with classmates at Bar and Bat Mitzvah events, praying with our wider community at general congregational worship services, and exploring liturgy and prayer leadership in more depth at our own learning services; and
  • facilitated field work that is integrated into the content and activities in the classroom.

Class lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and students are required to stay for the Shabbat service that follows. We usually take a short break during the class portion of our Saturday mornings to enable students to get a snack and socialize. Each student should bring his or her own snack.

Because of the variety of Saturday services, class times and pick up times will change from week to week, as will the recommendations on what to wear.

The majority of classes will start at 9 am, but several will start at 3 pm when a classmate's Bar or Bat Mitzvah service is in the afternoon. There are also a handful of classes scheduled for Saturday evenings.

Pick up times will vary because some days will end after a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration while others will end after a Shabbat luncheon and still others will end after a project.

Usually, students will dress for formal synagogue worship, meaning covered shoulders, knee-length skirts, no shorts or flip-flops. Occasionally, we will be worshipping on our own, and they can dress more casually.

With all of these variables in play, it may seem impossible to know what to expect, but rest assured that you will. Every week, students and parents will receive an email with all of the important times, dress recommendations, and other information.

Darchei Mitzvah is a year like no other; you won't want to miss it.

Do you have questions about our Religious School Program? Please email Michelle Crosbie, our Youth Education and Family Engagement Director at or call the office at (919) 489-7062, ext 248.

Mon, May 29 2023 9 Sivan 5783