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COVID-19 Updates

In this rapidly shifting COVID-19 situation, we wanted to share with you important information about measures we are taking at Judea Reform. Starting Thursday, March 12, we have suspended all Judea Reform in-person gatherings (e.g., worship, Torah study, Religious School, meetings, events, etc.) over the foreseeable future. We will reevaluate this decision on a daily basis, based on the facts as they evolve.

We make this decision recognizing that the synagogue is called a Beit Knesset, “a house of gathering.”  We are in the business of bringing people together, an act that our tradition regards as a mitzvah. Telling our community to maintain physical distance from each other is very difficult. However, there is no act in Judaism that exceeds the obligation to preserve life, and it is our ultimate obligation to do whatever we can to slow the spread of COVID-19 and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

As we limit our physical gatherings, we are fully committed to maintaining our spiritual wellness, individually and as a community.  In this moment this will require activating the “Reform” in Reform Judaism and modifying how we gather, how we pray, how we learn, and how we affirm holiness. 

What will this mean for all activities at Judea Reform through March 26, 2020?


Our worship will take place virtually here on our website or you may also join us on Facebook. We will use the online tools we have to light Shabbat candles, pray, say Kaddish, and learn with Rabbi Soffer.  Many thanks for the support of the Daniel Weiss Fund for making this live streaming possible. We invite you to plug into our communal moments.


Judea Reform’s building is closed to the public starting March 13, 2020. Our staff are using their time to deep clean our facilities, prepare to run the functions of the synagogues in this new environment, implement remote communication technology, and determine further next steps for the safety and health of all within our community. Please demonstrate patience and appreciation for our professional team. 


We are preparing to move to online learning. More information is forthcoming from Rena Fraade. Find Rena's most recent communication to our Religious School families on our Religious School webpage.


We will make available teleconferencing technology (Zoom) to gather virtually for those scheduled meetings (Finance, Nominating, Membership, etc.) and LEAD JRC.


At this time and for the near future, all lifecycle events will continue in a modified way. We will work with each b'nei mitzvah family to discuss their options. For information on funerals, the death process, weddings, and births/adoptions during this time please visit our Life Cycle webpage.

We want you to know that as we continue making decisions regarding how we organize (and reorganize), we do so with constant appreciation for the resilience of our community and in communication with our campus and community partners.  As a sacred community we encourage all of our members to cultivate compassion and patience with one another. There is much we do not know yet. The three of us are working to meet the needs of our community members in the safest ways possible.  We will continue to communicate regularly via email and encourage you to check our website and Facebook page for updates from us.



On Three Things

Rabbi Soffer's message about Shabbat as worship services are canceled across the nation because of COVID-19,
broadcast on Channel 11 ABC, before Shabbat, March 20, 2020.

Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780