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L'Dor V'Dor Legacy Gift Society at JRC

What is the L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Gift Society?

Judea Reform Congregation has established the L'Dor V'Dor Legacy Gift Society  to celebrate and thank the individuals who are committed to sustaining our community for generations to come. 

A legacy gift to Judea Reform Congregation can fulfill your desire to make a meaningful gift, offer you significant tax advantages, and help secure a future of sacred engagement for generations to come.

Should you choose to include Judea Reform in your will or other after-life estate plans, we would be honored to know of your intentions and have you as a member of our L'Dor V'Dor Legacy Gift Society.

Helpful Documents

  • Letter of Intent (LOI): Ready to commit to leaving a legacy gift to Judea Reform Life & Legacy Endowment? Fill out this form to state your intent to do so in your preferred timeframe.
  • Sample Language for Giving Instrument: If you've already submitted a Letter of Intent and are ready to formalize your legacy gift, use this guide for sample language to use in your selected giving instrument to ensure that your gift is allocated to the Judea Reform Life & Legacy Endowment as you intend.
  • Gift Confirmation Form: Once you've formalized your legacy gift, please let us know by filling out this non-binding Gift Confirmation Form. Once you do so, we will be pleased to welcome you as a member of our L'Dor V'Dor Legacy Gift Society.

The Judea Reform Life & Legacy Committee Members are:

Lynne Kohn  

Norm & Sonna Loewenthal

Carrie Norry, Development Chair

Judith Ruderman

Barry & Barbara Silver

Steve Simon

Emily Young, Executive Director


To learn more about ways you can create a legacy for Judea Reform, contact our Executive Director at 919-489-7062, or by email.


Thank you to our L'Dor V'Dor Legacy Gift Society Members:


The L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Gift Society will ensure that Judea Reform Congregation ensures and prospers for future generations as a welcoming community that supports, educates, and provides a spiritual home for all who come through our doors.

Anonymous (4)

Gale & Peter Adland 

Heidi Aycock

Sheldon Balbirer

Lois Eve Ballen

George, z"l & Rose Baroff, z"l

Emily Berman & Jamie Stein

Farley & Roger Bernholz 

Linda & David Birmbaum

Patricia & William Blau 

Lisa Brachman & Robert Roubey 

Joan Brannon 

Peg Carlson & Andrew Geller

Chip & Jane Carnathan 

Joan Cohen

Sherree & Marc Drezner

Bruce & Rebecca Elvin

Sheri Evans-Stanton & Mark E Stanton

Gabriel & Ilene Farkas

William Friedman

Martin Feinstein & Vicki Kowlowitz
John & Nan Friedman
Joyce Gordon

Nancy E. Gordon
Gary Greenberg, z"l

Frances Greenstein, z"l*

Henry Halbert, z"l

Cora & Paul Harrison 

Ivy Hoffman & Megan Valentine

Ed Holland

Barbara & Bruce Jentleson 

Ray Jones

Betsy Polk Joseph & Marc Joseph

Kevin & Michelle Kahn

Anna S. Klein
Lynne & Dick  Kohn

Judith M. Kramer

Arnold M. Lerman

Dick Levin, z"l*
Sonna & Norm Loewenthal
Mark Margolis

Josephine & Seymour Mauskopf

Janice & Jeff Monsein

Dorothy & John Neter, z"l

Carrie & Doug Norry
Penny & Stan Paskoff

Beth S. Posner & Jonathan M. Hess, z"l 

Tina & Mitch Prinstein

Donna Rabiner

Ziva & TJ Raney

Zora, z"l & Mel Rashkis, z"l*

Gracie Robinson, z"l*

Larry & Nancy Rocamora
Mark Rodin

Deborah Roth

Sandra Roth
Judith Ruderman

Jennifer Rudinger
Lisa Salzman & Larry Trachtman
Isabel Samfield, z"l*

Laurel Sherman, z"l*

Barbara & Barry Silver

Rochelle, z"l & Jack Silver, z"l

Aron Silverstone & Tai-ping Sun

Steve Simon

Lila Singer

Barbara, z"l & Joel Smith, z"l

Graham & Mandy Summerson

Heidi & Gary Tyson

Lou Vine, z"l*

Gerhardt & Janet Weinberg

Iris & Stephen Weiss

Karen West

Thomas Wolf

Bonnie & James Yankaskas 

Caryn Zimmerman Zoffer & William Zoffer


*We remember with gratitude members of our L'Dor V'Dor Legacy Gift Society whose legacy gifts were realized upon their deaths. May their memories be a blessing.


 Read some of our Legacy Donor Testimonials.

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